West Cheshire Children’s Trust has developed a Joint Commissioning Framework 2014-16. The framework is intended to provide support to those who work to improve services for children, young people, and their families across West Cheshire.

The framework sets out the shared vision for West Cheshire Children’s Trust so that common principles can be incorporated into the commissioning process and a common language is used to help all partners understand the commissioning process.

By commissioning we mean the approach that is used to agree local needs and to design and deliver services that will provide good outcomes for children and young people and meet the priorities set out in the West Cheshire Children’s Trust Children and Young People’s Plan. This Plan will be used to inform all commissioning strategies and activities and outcomes sought are based on a clear understanding of local need. The Children’s Trust also provides a strategic framework within which partners may agree to commission services together with integrated, shared, pooled or aligned resources.