Our Way of Working

What is Our Way of Working?

Our Way of Working is about developing a common and consistent approach to working with families.  It has been researched and driven forward by the Children’s Trust and has a strong preventative approach at all levels across the continuum of need. It is based on shared language and shared understanding across all partners. Many of the families we work with can experience a broad range of difficulties that need support and interventions. We want to work with them in a new, integrated and targeted way.

Our vision, core values and principles

  • A ‘One Children’s Services’ approach to meeting need across our partnership
  • A strong preventative approach at all levels of need
  • Preventing children and young people becoming vulnerable and needs escalating
  • Ensuring lasting solutions within families to improve resilience, emotional health and wellbeing
  • Improving overall outcomes for children and families

What does this mean for children and families?

Children and families tell us that they want us to:

  • Listen and get to know them
  • See them as an individual, not just a number, patient or case
  • Do not ever judge or assume
  • Be reliable, transparent, honest, supportive and trustworthy
  • Take a whole family approach – not one size fits all

Through working in a trauma informed way, using motivational interviewing, drawing on our shared language it would mean children and families are able to:

  • Tell their story once
  • Have a one page profile
  • Ensure the child/young person is the focus
  • Ensure that we respond in way that is motivational and innovative to meet their needs
  • Bring all services together to make decisions
  • Ensures clear communication and that we see the whole picture.
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