Partnership communications – Message from Cllr Bob Cernik – Our new name

‘Our Way of Working’

Councillor Bob Cernik, Chair of the Children’s Trust said: “From September 2020, New Ways of Working will become Our Way of Working, reflecting how we as a partnership have started to take forward Trauma Informed Practice and Motivational Interviewing into our everyday practice.
The change has been endorsed by the Children’s Trust and demonstrates our ‘one workforce approach’.”

Why is now the right time?

Significant progress has been made since the programme started in March 2019. Over 900 members of the multi-agency workforce have been trained and we are starting to see the impact of this work, through multi agency meetings, audits, assessments, supervisions and team meetings. Our child protection conference process has changed to reflect and embed the model. It is now no longer ‘new’ and is
becoming ‘our way’ of working as a children’s partnership.

Multi Agency Group Supervision and Learning Conversations

From July 19 – July 20 we have delivered 68 frameworks. They are forming a key part of how we work as a partnership to jointly assess need and risk, reflect, review, and problem solve.

You have told us that these frameworks provide a context to a child/young person’s lived experiences and why they continue to re-live their trauma and how we can support them to work through their difficulties as a multi-agency team.

To find out more about them and make a request for service:

Training and Development

Training and development programmes for Our Way of Working are recommencing virtually
from September.

You can book onto leaders, core and the new enhanced programme which is coming soon:

The Children’s Trust website

All the Our Way of Working areas on the website have been updated to reflect the name change and we ask that partners please use and promote the new name going forward.

Paper Tigers

Book your free place for this film to support you in understanding more about Trauma Informed Practice. Showings continue up to end of October 2020.

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