Investment in Our Way of Working Programme and Training and Development

Over the last three and a half years, the Department for Education has provided funding which allowed  us to establish Our Way of Working as a successful multi-agency model, focused on taking a trauma informed approach.

Due to recent changes in funding, many of our partners have invested in the programme to support sustainability. We want to give all of our partners the opportunity to continue their development in embedding Our Way of Working within their organisations.

With our partners through the Children’s Trust, we have taken the decision to introduce subscriptions to enable us to continue the vital work that Our Way of Working has already achieved.

Subscription options:

  • Pay as you go
  • Foundation subscription
  • Enriched subscription

Pay as you go

The ‘pay as you go’ would mean that you do not have a yearly subscription, you would pay for training as and when you need.

Bespoke sessions for partners will be costed as follows:

  • One hour – £175
  • Half a day (three hours) – £525
  • Full day (six hours) – £1050

NB: Training preparation costs will be separate

Cost per place for training sessions/conferences are as follows:

  • Half day – £80
  • Full day – £100

Subscription packages

Your organisation may choose to invest in either of the two options below which will entitle you to the following:

Foundation Enriched

Access to:

  • Leaders programme: x 1 place
  • Core Programme: x 5 places
  • Website
  • Resources on website
  • Communication Briefings
  • Learning Events
  • Conferences with keynote speakers: x 3 places
Access to:

  • Leaders programme: x 3 places
  • Core Programme: x 10 places
  • Enhanced programme x 10 places
  • Refresher sessions x 10 places
  • Website
  • Locked Resources on website
  • Communication Briefings
  • Learning Events
  • Conferences with keynote speakers x 5 places

Tailored Workshops:

  • Up to 3 workshops: 30 delegates per session
  • Leadership Consultations: x 2
Cost: £750 per annum
Possible top up to Enriched Subscription or Pay as You go, to access Enhanced Programme Sessions, additional places at conferences.
          Cost: £1, 500 per annum

** Option to spot purchase further places at conference/event day rate

For more information, please contact